Institutional Support for Assessment: Southern New Hampshire University

An institution of interest for their assessment practices is Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).  SNHU is a nonprofit university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in three delivery options: on-campus, online, or at regional academic centers.  Television commercials for the university have featured its military-friendly format, and the university has received recognitions for innovativeness and its … Continue reading Institutional Support for Assessment: Southern New Hampshire University


Models for Course Design

Adequate strategic planning is essential to the success of any project, regardless of institution.  Effective planning for improvement requires self-evaluation, assesses needs, proposes goals, and generates solutions that achieve ideal outcomes.  In education, teachers are additionally pressured because their strategies and decisions affect the academic future of their students.  To guide these strategies and decisions, … Continue reading Models for Course Design

Literary Fiction – What is it, really?

The literary genre is arguably the most misunderstood genre of writing of today. I recently saw a discussion on social media in which literary was described as “flowery and sophisticated words.” Sambuchino, editor of Writer’s Digest, described literary fiction as “requir[ing] the highest command of the language” and “not easily defined, and sometimes the premise … Continue reading Literary Fiction – What is it, really?

Literary Analysis: Characterization in Contemporary Literary Novels

The character journey is one core aspect of literary novels. This essay explores three contemporary literary works to examine the concept of characterization. Restraint of Beasts - Magnus Mills The first example of character growth was evident with the unnamed foreman character/narrator in Restraint of Beasts. Bourdain of the New York Times described the novel as … Continue reading Literary Analysis: Characterization in Contemporary Literary Novels

MFA conferral on the horizon

My thesis is due in just a few days, on Sunday night. I opted for a short story collection, as my two novels-in-progress are far from completion, and their stories require more pages than a thesis requires. My midterm reader had good feedback on my draft (Thank you, Professor Anderson!). I am finally gaining some … Continue reading MFA conferral on the horizon

Frederick Buechner: Literary Icon

(Photo Credit Frederick Buechner Center) Carl Frederick Buechner is a significant figure in fiction with work spanning across six decades.  He was born in 1926 and realized his love for writing as a teenager at a boarding school, where he wrote poetry and befriended poet James Merrill.  He completed an English degree at Princeton, despite … Continue reading Frederick Buechner: Literary Icon