MFA conferral on the horizon

My thesis is due in just a few days, on Sunday night. I opted for a short story collection, as my two novels-in-progress are far from completion, and their stories require more pages than a thesis requires. My midterm reader had good feedback on my draft (Thank you, Professor Anderson!). I am finally gaining some more confidence in my short fiction, and better understanding where my strengths and weaknesses are. I’ve also been playing with different styles and techniques, which has allowed me to extend beyond my comfort zone, grow as a writer, and become more versatile.

I just completed a rather sizable round of submissions, as March 15 happened to be quite the busy day for submissions deadlines. I’m very familiar with rejection as this point, but I’m eager for that one surprise acceptance. Fortunately, I have the final weeks of classes to keep me occupied. Conferral is set for the end of the month, and I’ll be awaiting my thesis grade.

Is this the point where I finally call myself a writer?


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